what you don't need to do for perfect falsies

what you don't need to do for perfect falsies

I'm no expert when it comes to makeup application but I'd like to think that I'm getting progressively better with every beat. One thing I know I've improved on is applying false eyelashes. After much trial, and even more error, here are things I don't do when wearing falsies.

Apply mascara first

I am a proud member of YouTube Academy and I watch tutorials almost daily to improve my technique. Quite a few Youtubers/influencers recommend applying mascara to your own eyelashes before putting on your falsies. Been there, styled that, and it just doesn't work for me. I find that it makes my real lashes too stiff. Once I put on the false eyelashes, my actual lashes sometimes clump together and it's even harder to blend then with the falsies if necessary. So I just skip that step altogether and it has made the process much easier for me.

Placing the lash in the center of the eye

Here's the thing with this tip: I'm not good at measuring. Give me a ruler and I will still draw a crooked line. When I've attempted to apply the lash in the center of the eye I either put it too close to the inner corner or too far away. If it's too close to the inner corner, the lashes bother me when I blink. If it's too far away from the inner corner, the lashes don't look as natural because you can tell where my lash ends and the fake lash begins. My trick? I just start at the inner corner. I'm able to place the lash exactly where I need it to begin and I get perfect placement every single time.

Putting on lashes is still something I need to get better at but these tricks have helped me come a long way. Next on my list is applying lashes to my left eye without having to do it twice; the struggle is still real. Any additional tips are welcomed below!