show your style without your clothes

show your style without your clothes

I like to find ways to showcase my style and personality no matter what. It doesn't always have to be what you're wearing that lets people know that you're trendy so here are a few ideas for those wanting to implement more style into their lives:

Phone case

Accessorizing your phone has become so much fun. There are so many options on the market that you could literally switch your phone cover every day if you'd like (even though I think that's a bit much). Whether it be your favorite color, a cute phrase or even a fun texture, the possibilities are endless. Take a look at my phone case; you can clearly see that I'm trying to become President of the Beyhive (where my Beyoncé fans at?!) and you didn't even have to speak to me to discover something about who I am.


If it came down to it I could trade everything else beauty related for a good mani and pedi. I love getting my nails done. And it's not just about the pampering either. I like to try new designs and styles. If you've followed me on social media for any amount of time then you've probably seen pictures of my latest manicure. I find inspiration just about anywhere; the funkier the better. It's such a great conversation starter and could make anyone think "that girl has style"


Don't leave these hanging, they need love to! Getting a copy of your key can be fun. Most home improvement stores can make keys with a variety of designs which allows you to make it personal. And you can also had a few trinkets to make them chic. Fringe is in right now so add a big tassel to make a statement. Or take it back to the retro days by adding a rabbit's foot for good luck if that's what you're into. 


Whatever you choose, just do it with style. 


Phone case/ Skinnydip London - Keychain/ Claire's