three inch heels

three inch heels

So let's talk about comfort.

Who said that flats were a comfortable shoe? Whoever you are, you are a liar! I have been battling with fashion and functionality for a while when it comes to my work wardrobe. Maybe it's me but I cannot find a comfortable pair of flats to save my life. They either rub against my pinky toe which sets my foot on fire by the end of the day, or they're jacking up the back of my foot causing redness OR they're rubbing against the top of my toes resulting in callouses ORRRR they have no support and my feet are sore. I've tried different brands, insoles, and even liners. Overall, I am not satisfied; it's always something I don't like and my feet suffer as a result. It cannot be this hard right?

Another thing to add to my already lengthy list is that flats don't 'go with' every outfit. Sometimes I like a little elevation; it gives an outfit a certain look. And depending on what's happening at work, wearing a heel gives you a more professional and serious look. But what I don't want to be is uncomfortable trying to strut around all day in stilts. 

Now I never thought I would be here saying this you but y'all, I went out and bought me a 3-inch heel. I was always the girl needing my heels high to sky; a 3-inch heel could've been a kitten heel in my book. But something had to give so I found a cute sandal and gave it a shot. 

And let me tell you... I am extremely happy with my purchase! They're so great for work. I can survive the day without pain. The other day we had a fire drill and I had to walk down five flights of stairs, stand around in the parking lot and then walk back up those same flights of stairs. And you know what? Those shoes held me down! I like that they are open toe because I don't have to worry about discomfort around my pinky toe and friction from the material is greatly reduced. The heel is on the chunky side with makes it super easy to maneuver in them throughout the day.


They fit perfectly into my new wardrobe of versatility. I can wear them for practically any occasion; they can be casual or dressed up. I already have my eye on other colors! I would like to find a comfortable flat so if you know of any please let me know in the comments below!


Sandals/ DSW