closet coordination

closet coordination

Organization provides clarity, at least in my world.

In the same manner that I like to keep my life in order, I think my closet should follow the same rules. Do you ever scroll on Pinterest and see those beautifully crafted closets that fill you with envy? Nothing is out of place and I'm sure you notice all of that wardrobe potential as you stare in awe. Now, I can only dream of having such a glamorous closet to walk into some day but at this very moment I'll just use it for inspiration. Remember when I said I look at my closet with that 'I'm so over this' feeling? Well I think that also has a lot to do with the presentation of my clothing. In an attempt to create a better looking closet, here's what I did to get the ball rolling.


I have learned that I would rather have an 'empty' closet full of pieces that I can wear over and over than to hold on to clothes that I'll never wear for the sake of quantity. Nothing drives me crazy like sorting through my closet and bypassing almost everything because it doesn't fit or I don't like the way it looks anymore. Getting rid of the items you no longer have use for will allow you to see exactly what you're working with. If I have not worn an item in at least 3 months, it is time to go. With that being said, there may be some items that are seasonal or occasion specific, i.e. a winter coat or a formal dress. Obviously those are not things you want to toss, but something that you would typically wear on a more consistent basis that is not seeing the light of day should be eliminated. 

P.S. Many times I have held on to something that didn't fit with the idea that I was going to lose the weight to get back into it. What I've learned? If something does not fit, that idea of saving it until you lose weight is not going to cut it. If you are not already making moves to get into a smaller size, chances are you'll be holding on to that piece for quite some time. Trust me, I am speaking from experience.


Now that you've eliminated the items that are no longer needed, it is time to put them in order by color. I find it so much easier to put outfits together when my closet is arranged this way. It also makes for a pretty looking closet which inspires me and makes me excited about my wardrobe. There are a few different color schemes that you can use when arranging by color. Personally I like to arrange my colors from light to dark. You can also use the colors of the rainbow for reference if you need somewhere to begin.

Tip: Items with multiple colors may be tricky when deciding where it should live in your closet. I like to use the dominant color as the deciding factor. For example, a navy blue shirt with white polka dots would go with the rest of the navy blue pieces.


Lastly, I organized my clothes within each color family. Once upon a time, I would organize my clothing by the location that I would wear them to; work clothes, church clothes, club dresses, etc. My closet looked like it was all over the place. And since I am working on building a wardrobe with extreme versatility, I want all of my clothing to be able to live together no matter what the occasion will be. That's why I decided to switch it up the way that I did. Within each color, I categorized my items from short to long and I usually start with tops followed by bottoms. I would start with sleeveless tops, followed by shirts with sleeves (short sleeves going before longer sleeves). Next would be bottoms which would follow the same format.


I was pretty pleased with the results of my closet makeover. This will definitely be something that I continue to change up as I find better ways to arrange my wardrobe for both organization and admiration (lol); I really just want my closet to look amazing at first glance. As I discover new tips I will be sure to keep you in the loop.

What are some thing that you do to keep your closet in order?