the one thing you need to do when applying mascara

the one thing you need to do when applying mascara

I hate when I get mascara all over my eyelids!

Putting on mascara can be messy at times. The product ends up on your upper or lower eyelid, leaving you looking like a raccoon. And not to mention the fact that you've completely destroyed your makeup if you already put on your eye shadow and/or foundation. Even though it's something you can clean up, it's such a headache to deal with. To prevent you from experiencing such heartache ever again, I've decided to share the one thing you should be doing when applying your mascara.

Move your mirror!

It's really as simple as that; just a flick of the wrist. Before applying mascara to your top lashes, you should first hold your mirror up at eye level. As you look directly into the mirror, you then want to move the hand that is holding the mirror down toward the ground. The key is to move only your eyes and not your head. At this point your eyes will be looking down into the mirror. Imagine you are trying to sneak and look at someone else's phone that's next to you; you want to be slick so you only move your eyes and not your head right? That is exactly how your eyes should feel. Now you're ready to apply that mascara. If you're applying mascara to your bottom lashes, you would follow the same steps but in the opposite direction; holding the mirror up toward the sky. 

The only time you would move your head is if your mirror is stationary. Then, and only then, should you tilt your head either up or down when applying mascara to get the same results that you would if you were physically moving the mirror.

Now, why is moving your mirror (or tilting your head) the trick to avoiding messy mascara? I think it has to do with the proximity of your lashes to your eyelid. As you move your eyes either up or down, you are reducing the closeness of the lashes to the skin which will prevent the transfer of the mascara onto the eyelids. Well.. at least that's my explanation and I'm sticking to it. Whether that's the correct reasoning or not, it has been helpful for me.

What other tricks do you have for applying mascara without error?