5 steps to barely there makeup

5 steps to barely there makeup

Sometimes I need to look put together without all the fuss it takes to get there. This is perfect for a job interview, running late to work or just wanting to look a little spruced up with minimal effort. 


I like to use a powder for days when I'm doing a quick beat (well, this look is so simple I would call it a bah...). The formula is lightweight and you can apply it with so much ease; just dust it on your face and go. BB Creams are also a good option if you want a bit more coverage but since I like to keep this as simple as possible I opt for powder. The MAC Mineralize Skinfinish gives such a beautiful look to the skin. It's great for setting liquids and creams, but it also looks nice on its own.


Now you know I am not stepping foot out of the house without my brows! If I am going to be seen then they are too. Your brows shape the face so I would consider this crucial no matter how simple the look. Check this out for details on how I do my brows.


If I've filled in my brows, I'm definitely putting on mascara. Wearing mascara helps to enhance the lashes which will give an overall balanced look to the face. I also think defined lashes help make me to look more awake. I've tried tons of brands, both high end and drugstore. My preference? L'Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara


I like to add a little bit of definition and warmth back to the face by using a bronzer. I bronze the areas where I would normally contour; the only difference is that a bronzer is not as defined as a contour would be. Once again, I use a powder to keep the overall look very natural and light. Right now, I'm loving this Bronzing Powder from Bobbi Brown.


If you want to add a touch of glam, you can choose any lip color that you'd like. My favorite product of all time is the Dior Addict Lip Glow. This stuff is magic! It acts as a lip balm because it moisturizes while also enhancing the natural color of your lips. This is perfect for a barely there look. Seriously, you've got to try it.

This is as simple as it gets for me. Of course you can add additional products, or use different formulas to achieve a barely there look. Sometimes I'll add some concealer if I want to add a highlight or add a bit of eyeshadow when I have the extra time. What products do you use for your barely there beat?