oh what fun!

oh what fun!

We’ve all heard of the hostess with the mostest but what about the guest with the zest?

Well you’ve probably never heard of it because I just made it up but the point is that the guest can have swag too. Don’t you want to always be on the invite list because people know there’s no party if you’re not in the building? If so, you’re in the right place! As a guest with zest, you never want to attend a function without bringing a little something. I’ve thought of two items you can give to the hostess that can double as both a gift and a party starter… and it’s not your typical bottle of wine.

Board Game


Everyone loves a little competition so bring your favorite board game, or one that the hostess will be a fan of. I know we sometimes bring along a game of our own as an activity for everyone to participate in but this time you’d be leaving it as a gift. The host gets something that he/she can enjoy time and time again and you’ve also managed to bring everyone together for some fun.

Polaroid Camera


There’s something about the hard copy of a photo that takes us back to the days before filters and smart phones. Capture those memories on a Polaroid camera and put them in a photo album for the host to keep. Guests can even take one home as a keepsake to reminisce on the wonderful evening they had at the party. The only caveat: as the giver of the camera you must be the photographer for the evening, but it’ll be so much fun taking those photos. And don’t forget to get in a few yourself!