merry mani

merry mani

Manicures are just another way to add some fun to your holiday look.

You can get creative with the colors, designs and even a few add-ons such as glitter or rhinestones. I love choosing the vibe of my mani according to the season or occasion. I decided to bring you all along as I get my nails done and I also wanted share some tips on how to keep those nails popping during this holiday season.

Grow With the Flow

You have to pay attention to what your nails are telling you in order to maintain its length. Once upon a time I was all about the square nail; I wanted those corners sharp! But I noticed that as my nails would grow, they would also crack and break. I could not understand why until I accepted the true shape of my natural nails. As my nails grew during manicures I noticed a slight curve in their shape and decided to experiment with doing a round nail instead of a square one. Viola! My nails have been flourishing ever since. I still get the occasional breakage which is a funeral every time but I’ve greatly reduced how often it happens. And using gel polish gives my nails some durability.


For those moments when I do break or crack a nail: I use tea bags! My nail stylist is the best. If the nail is repairable she uses the technique of sealing the crack with a tea bag. That way, I can maintain the length of my nails until the cracks grows long enough for me to cut it without compromising my shape.


Keep Designs in Mind

Although I miss the days of using my entire nail bed for nail art, I have grown to love only having them at the tips of the nail. It gives the illusion that your nails are still looking fresh when you’re really in need of a do over. Three weeks into a manicure and I’m still getting compliments on how good they look. I keep the base of the nail clear, or a color very similar to the natural hue of my nail. As they grow in length, and the nail polish begins to separate from the cuticle, it’s less obvious that you’re due for a new manicure. This is a perfect tip for the holiday season because you can keep your coins just a bit longer since you’re stretching the time in-between salon visits.