i'll be glam for christmas

i'll be glam for christmas

I’m probably pretty boring when it comes to makeup, to be honest.

Yes, I do love a beat face but that’s about it for my makeup looks. I rarely do eyeshadow because an already long process would just take me even longer, and eyeshadow isn’t as easy to accomplish in my opinion. Add in liquid liner and I quit! I like to add my falsies and keep it moving. But for the holiday season I decided to be festive and step outside of my comfort zone, just a bit. I still want to keep things simple so here are three easy ways that people of all levels can accomplish. Green and red are pretty much the colors of the season so take a look at how I incorporated them into some fun and quick looks!

Coat It On

Achieve this look with a flick of the wrist. The ease of this look is a no brainer. Do your makeup how you normally would but apply a green mascara instead of black for a fun look. The color is bold enough for people to notice but not so much that it’s off-putting.


Products Used:

Jordana Dramatic Effects Mascara Green Glamour .  Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint.


Wing It Out

I know I mentioned liquid liner can send me running to the hills but a pencil is much more manageable for a novice like myself. I took a green creamy pencil to sketch a mini wing along the top lash line. If you’re a beginner, you can always use tape to assist in getting the perfect wing.

Tip: stick the tape to the back of your hand before placing at the corner of the eye to remove some of the tackiness; it’ll be easier to remove once you’re done and will tug at the skin a lot less


Products Used:

Jordana Metal Rocks Retractable Eyeliner Pencil Green EnvyBobbi Brown Red


Line It Up

This is probably my favorite look from the bunch! Something about color on the lower lash line gives the perfect pop to a look. I took the same pencil from the previous look and lined the lower lash line and water line. You can leave as is or take a pencil brush and smoke it out for a slightly dramatic look. I also winged it out just a bit at the outer corner.


Products Used:

Jordana Metal Rocks Retractable Eyeliner Pencil Green Envy

M.A.C Retro Matte Lipstick Ruby Woo

So, which look will you be rocking this holiday season? I'd love to see recreations so be sure to tag me (@beentherestyledthat) on IG!