wrap it up

The holidays are all about glitz and glam and the wrapping of gifts are not excluded.

It’s super easy to make them stylish and I’m going to give you a few tips on how to make sure you’ve got the best looking present under the tree.


Type of Gift

Before wrapping your present, it’s a good idea to determine the best method for how you should do so. Gift box, gift wrap or gift bag… tough decision right? I personally prefer gift wrap because I enjoy the process but I understand that gift boxes and bags are a more convenient route and can take less time. The size of a gift is a good place to start. Smaller gifts or gifts with a unique shape can be more tedious for wrapping paper so gift bags are probably your best bet. They come in a plethora of sizes and colors and some are already sold with tissue paper included. Apparel of any kind is best for a gift box in my opinion, as well as anything that you want to put on display. And by that I mean items such as jewelry, perfume or anything you may want to present by lying flat instead of placing inside of a bag. Let’s say you have an item that is perfect for a gift box but you want to avoid having to wrap it (because if you’re like me you picked up the free, white boxes from the retail store), you can take it a step further and select one that already comes decorated. They too come in many shapes and designs. Should you decide to rock with the plain white gift box (because nothing beats free!), or if your gift already comes in a box, keep reading for more tips!



What you use to wrap your gift is a great way to showcase your personal style or the style/interests of the person receiving the present. You could pick a color scheme for all of the gifts you’ll be handing out or you could take the time to personalize each person’s item. My boyfriend is in a fraternity so when selecting how I’ll wrap his gift I usually keep the colors of his organization in mind. It’s a nice added detail that lets the receiver know that you put some real effort into their gift. If you choose to incorporate your own personal style, the gift will be indicative of things you like. This year I’m going for classic Christmas with a modern twist; I love the traditional elements of the holiday but I also want to add some pizzazz.


Finishing Touches

So you’ve selected some chic wrapping paper in your mom’s favorite color or a dope gift bag in a print you know your bestie will love, but now this is when you get to have all of the fun! The details you add to your gift is the equivalent of turning on the lights after you’ve finishing decorating your Christmas tree.  Typically, you might add some ribbon and a bow, but take it up a notch. Try ribbon in a different type of fabric such as leather, velvet or suede instead. You could also select one with a pattern instead of a solid color or find one with cutouts in the shape of a star or snowflake. As for that bow… replace it with another decorative piece like flowers/greenery (real or faux) or pom poms. The presentation on the inside is just as important as what’s on the outside. Take some time to add nice paper inside the box. Get creative and add some crinkle cut paper shred or metallic foil shred! Lastly, don’t forget to add a name tag so the gift doesn’t end up in the wrong hands and so the receiver knows who to thank later.