Why You Never Have Anything to Wear...

Why You Never Have Anything to Wear...

Every other day I feel like I go to my closet and think, "I am so over my clothes!"  I'm not excited about what's hanging in front of me and I just want to throw it away and start over. As I embark on this journey to discover my style and build a wardrobe with versatility, I took a moment to ponder why I always find myself in this place. Here's what I discovered:

I shop with no regard to what is already in my closet. 

Hi, my name is Tina and I am enrolled in way too many retail email subscriptions. And so my inbox is flooded daily with info about sales and new products. Since I can't resist I find myself looking at this and that, thinking I have to have it. It's cute, it's on trend, so it must be a sign right? So I order it. It arrives. And then I realize I have nothing to wear with it. This cycle has happened one too many times until I'm left with a closet full of random items. 

The solution: If you're like me try giving yourself a rule that if you can't wear this item with at least three other things in your closet then you won't buy it. 

I buy items that look like something I already own. 

I know what I like when it comes to what I wear, but sometimes that ends up being a bad thing. I find a trend or style that flatters me and I get stuck in a rut, which makes for a pretty boring closet. Everything starts to look the same and channeling different looks becomes a challenge.

The solution: Make a note of what is already in your closet when shopping for new items. If you're going to buy something that is similar to what you already own, make sure there are some major distinctions between those items. Is one item formal, while the other is casual? Or is one better for warm weather while the other is suitable for cooler temperatures? 


So, moving forward I plan on remembering these things when I'm shopping for new items. I actually made a list of things I need for the items that I already own so when I'm out I don't get sidetracked. It may seem a bit tedious, or it may just be the Type A personality in me, but I think it'll help me stay focused.

Do you have any tips or suggestions? Share them below; I'd love to hear!