reptile pants

Spring is here! If the weather itself wasn't a hint, my allergies are sure keeping me in the loop. Those spring showers are in full effect here in Miami but they brought with them the nicest breeze this past weekend. In between dodging those raindrops, I decided to wear something nice and light that would move with the wind.

 I figured wearing a dress wouldn't be ideal because who wants to hold it down all day in fear of flashing someone? I've owned both the shirt and pants for quite a while and I've always worn them the same way, but never together. I was pleasantly surprised when I paired them with one another. I love this shirt so much because it keeps me nice and cool (even though it's long sleeved) and I love a little shoulder action; it provides a bit of sexiness without revealing too much. And bell sleeves? They're right on trend and add a nice whimsical detail to what some could think is a plain white blouse.

I remember spotting these pants on the clearance rack and I knew I had to have them. They actually didn't fit at the time but I bought them anyway, lol! I'm sure I'm not the only person guilty of doing that, right? I knew the material was breathable which would be perfect for the mostly sunny days I encounter down here. And who doesn't love a good reptile print?

Now, my only issue with these pants was finding the right shoe for the length. They were too long to wear with flats, but the heels that I owned seemed too high. I just wasn't in love with the pant hem to heel height ratio. I have a pair of gladiator sandals that ended up being the perfect pair of shoes! Because the heels go all the way up to my calve I never thought to wear them with long pants, but since the pants were loose fitting they ended up being a great match.

I kept the accessories super simple. The outfit was doing enough on its own and I just wanted the pieces to stand out by themselves. I think this will become one of my favorites outfits. Don't be surprised if you see me wearing this again!


Blouse/ JCPenney - Pants/ Macy's - Heels/ Michael Antonio