oh christmas tree

oh christmas tree

Thanksgiving has passed us by which marked the official start of the holiday season! 

One of my favorite things about Christmas is decorating the tree! The smell alone is enough for me to just purchase one for the sake of that heavenly scent; no ornaments needed. If I had to describe what Christmas looked like, it would definitely be similar to that of a decorated tree. It’s the perfect way to express your holiday cheer. Something as simple as decorating a tree can still be stylish so keep on reading for some inspo! 

As I stated earlier, I love the smell of Christmas trees so naturally I opt for a real tree. However, if you don’t want to deal with the maintenance of an actual plant, faux trees work well too. Also, a faux tree is going to last longer whereas a real tree is discarded after the holidays. Faux trees also come in a variety of styles which makes this the most fun for personalization. My favorite quality about faux trees is that they come in COLORS! How fun is it to have a blush pink tree, or even a gold tree if you want to feel like luxury? The chicest tree I’ve seen came in all black and it almost made me reconsidering my love for balsams…. Almost!

Source:  homedit

Source: homedit

Once you’ve got your tree, it’s time for the fun stuff: ornaments! Now here is when you can get as crazy as you’d like! Ornaments come in an array of colors so don’t be shy. And ornaments don’t have to be glass and circular like we traditionally see. An ornament can be any kind of added décor you choose to hang from your tree. 

Source:  Travelshopa

Source: Travelshopa

You can also have fun with texture by selecting items that are matte versus shiny, or even pieces made with fur or knitted fabric. Playing with shapes and sizes will add some dimension to your tree. I recommend picking a theme because it’ll make selecting your décor easier. Decorations can be a bit overwhelming and you don’t want to have too many things on the tree. And having a theme also keeps on you focused on what you need so that you’re not overspending.

Source:  Love Grows Wild

Other décor to think about are the lights, the topper and the of the tree. For a minimalist look, try putting only lights on the Christmas tree. It’s chic, effortless and takes no time at all. As you see in the photo below, you can stray away from the traditional tree stand as well. The car tire gives a fun, quirky feel to Christmas.

Source:  Lolly Jane

Source: Lolly Jane

Don't have a cool tree stand? Just grab a tree skirt instead. The skirt will cover the stand and no one will ever know how boring it actually is. And the topper just adds the finishing touch; or leave it bare. Either open works just fine! Personally, I'm feeling the tree with no topper nowadays. It gives the tree a modern spin. 

Source:  Liz Marie Blog

As you can see, you can do so much with Christmas trees. From traditional to eclectic, you can style one just for you. What look are you going for this year?