memorial day + maxi skirt

Red, white and blue. BBQ. And a three day weekend.

Long gone are the days when I only want to be photographed in something once. Back in the day, if I wore it anywhere on social media there was no way I could be seen online in it again. Not anymore! I like to get my money's worth so I will wear something as often as I can and even challenge myself with the number of ways that I can rock it; it's fun to keep being creative with my wardrobe. I know y'all are probably tired of seeing this top but idc idc idc! It's perfect for the summer and it goes with so many things. Even though it's not really the kind of blouse that's meant to be tucked in, I think I still made it work. Fashion has no rules so I went ahead and had some fun with it. 

I'm typically at home hosting a BBQ or heading to a relative's home for some MDW festivities. This outfit says "I put some effort into my look but I can still lounge around someone's home and be comfortable".  The skirt is super lightweight and having my shoulders out helps to keep me cool in this Miami heat; and I need all the help I can get!

Hope you all have a great holiday!


Top/ Forever 21 - Skirt/ Forever 21 - Body Chain/ Forever 21 - Sandals/ DSW - Purse/ Kate Spade Saturday