3 ways to beat the heat

I'd like to think of myself as an expert on dealing with warm temperatures. I do live in Miami and it's literally summer time year round; that makes me qualified right? So here are a few tips and tricks on how to stay cool (as much as you possibly can) when the sun is shining bright.

Show Some Skin

Off the shoulder, halter, backless; it's all fair game. Summer pretty much means 'show as much skin as possible'. Its hot and who has the time to be covered from head to toe? Exposing your skin will allow you to stay cool and catch more of the breeze. This also includes wearing open toe sandals instead of sneakers. And most importantly, keep your hair up and away. Nothing feels more light and free like having your hair off of your neck. I love a good turban; I can be a little lazy and stylish at the same time. So grab your sunscreen, dust on some highlighter and glow girl!

Thin Textiles

This is probably a no-brainer but wearing breathable fabrics is another good tip for beating the heat. Cotton and linen are as breathable as it gets so be sure to check those labels! Chambray is also a great option if you want a denim look; you can achieve the same style but avoid the heaviness that it normally come with. 

Patterns and Prints

Perspiration is natural but some of us may sweat more than others which can be hella embarrassing. Who wants a huge wet spot on their amazing outfit? If I know I'm going to be in conditions that will cause me to sweat, I opt for a print over a solid color. I find that the 'busyness' of the pattern does a great job of camouflaging any sweat patches that may appear. I can perspire in peace without the fear of looking like a sweaty mess. 


Romper/ boohoo - Sunnies/ Quay Australia - Purse/ Kate Spade - Sandals/ Zara