Perfect Brows? Here's How

Perfect Brows? Here's How

If I'm ever running late, my brows are probably to blame but I think I've finally mastered my process for a good natural brow. 


I can't recall where I learned this tip but thank God I did. I sometimes have disappearing brows throughout the day but using an eye shadow primer does the trick. I also feel like it prevents my eyebrows from getting too oily. I use the tiniest bit and apply directly to the brow hairs. I then use a spoolie to distribute the product evenly. 

Tip: Be sure to apply the product on the hairs only, otherwise you may end up with a white cast around your brows. 


You can use any formula that suits your brows best; pencil or pomade. I personally love the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil, especially on my more natural days. The applicator gives me better control when drawing my hair-like strokes toward the front of my brows where hair is sparse. 


I typically skip cleaning my brows with concealer for an everyday look but I always keep my tweezers near. Once I've created the perfect shape and filled in my brows completely, I like to pluck a few stray hairs so they look sharp. Finish with a little brow gel and you're good to go!